Iteration 3.0 is my story, my passions, my daily successes, my ideas and annoying reflections, all what can be useful for you just in case your are looking  for an inspiration and for me, so that I can remember and reflect while typing.

This is not my first blog back in time still at the university I was promoter of the blog of the conservatory of music of my hometown, promoted because I wanted students to be more unite and share more between each other. Then I had also another personal blog that faded out since I started wondering who cared about my writing, this the third iteration, an additional attempt now that I’m not only anymore a student, but also a professional, a father and a husband. Lots of facets to share from my everyday complexity.

I will talk about Lele (as I’m known in my office) and about Dede (as I’m known between my family and friends), so in case your are interested in business thoughts or in family life reflections, or in great fusion Slovak-Italian-International recipes I should be able to satisfy all areas.


Disclaimer: Any thoughts and information present in this blog are my own.

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